Who Is the Best Online Vastu Consultant

When it comes to finding out who is the best Vastu consultant, we need to consider few points carefully.

First, he or she should be able to understand exactly what is the problem of the client or what goal the client wishes to achieve.

The second point to decide who is the best online Vastu consultant is that he or she should be able to relate the problem with the Vastu defects in the living space of the client. This is a very crucial point because until you don’t do so, you will not be able to conclude that the problem is due to Vastu defects.

Third, the consultant should not create any kind of fear in the mind of the client. Instead, the client should feel relaxed and upbeat after meeting with the consultant.

Fourth, the consultant should be able to describe clearly to the client that how he or she is going to solve the problem or pave the way for the client to achieve the goal.

The consultant should specifically tell the client what kind of Vastu defect in which zone of the building is responsible for creating a problem in the life of the client and how he is going to cure that Vastu defect.

This is also very important because Vastu creates its effect by affecting our subconscious mind. When a client knows the reason for the problem and also the logic behind the steps being taken to cure the same, we get desired results faster.

Fifth, he or she should make sure that the client has implemented all the instructions regarding Vastu correction measures. He or she should have a follow-up schedule to make sure that the client is following instructions correctly and timely.

Sixth, the consultant must have a good knowledge of the latest online tools to facilitate the smooth process of online Vastu consultancy. For example, he or she should be able to find out the degree of direction with the help of online maps without physically visiting the house, office or factory of the client.

The final point to decide who is the best online Vastu consultant must have an empathetic attitude towards the client. He or she should always keep in mind that the primary task of the Vastu consultant is to serve humanity. Earning money comes next to it. Money should not be given priority particularly when the client is facing issues such as health problems.

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